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Buy Original and Unique, Decorative, Functional Art Wall Mirrors.
Mosaic Mirror Art is Made of Funky Shapes and a Mixed Media Mosaic of Stained Glass
and Decoupage Glass, Jewelry, Gems, Mementos, Watches, Antiques, Beads,
Buttons, Old Car and Bike Parts, Tools, and More.  
Some Mosaic Mirrors are Three Dimensional (3-D) with Features like an Antique Door
Knob and Functional with Key, Scarf/Tie or Coat Hooks.  Finished in Sanded Grout, Most
are Trimmed in Our Signature Copper or Galvanized Steel and Tack Border.  
Mosaic Mirror Art Works are Custom Made by New Artists Chris and Damon Brown of
Eugene, Oregon.

Mosaics Mirror Art Works Are Somewhat Chameleon In That You Can Hang Them On
Almost Any Wall, Regardless of Background Color and They Really Look Great!
Mosaic Mirror Art
and Mosaic Memory Mirrors
What People Are Saying About Mosaic Mirror Art...
“Decorators could order these as a fresh new art form; shape,
color and pattern ideas, sized to their specifications”
“Custom Memory Mirrors-what a neat way memorialize your history or hobbies!”
“A most unique and whimsical art gallery”
“Original - One of a kind mosaic mirror artwork”
“Very Decorative Conversation Piece”
“Funky functional wall mirror art”
“Contemporary mixed media decor”
“Unique use of stained glass”
“Whimsical, Eclectic Artworks”
“Bold mosaic borders and patterns”
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Salt and Pepper"
Mosaic Mirror Art Wall Decor Mirror
"Salt and Pepper" Is a mosaic of
white and clear glass drops and
charcoal/black glass stones in an
antique white sanded grout and
finished with our signature
galvanized steel and tack trim.
Click to enlarge Salt and Pepper close-up
Size: 21" Round
Mirror-Size: 14" Round
Weight: 10 lbs